The Inmywork Studio has begun its activities on graphic design in science since 2018. To enhance the range of activities worldwide, we absorbed more team members.

Type of activity:

Most Inmywork Studio activities are dedicated to designing scientific journal cover artworks or scientific illustrations for chemical and pharmaceutical research institutes. Our vision is to try to meet the graphic needs of all disciplines.

Among our clients:

We have experience working with highly-accredited and internationally recognized universities like EPFL, MIT, Cornell, ETH, Stanford, etc.

The software we use:

For 2D: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

For 3D: Cinema 4D (most of our team members), Maya, Blender

For Protein and Molecule Design: Chemoffice, Mercury, ChimeraX

Render Engine: Redshift, Arnold, V-Ray, Keyshot

For Animation: Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects

Ready-made 3D objects:

During our work, we have noticed many graduate and postgraduate students facing the problem of graphical abstract design. On the one hand, they desired their designs to be in the most attractive forms. On the other hand, they expected that the designs be cost-effective. Based on these observations, we began designing ready-made vectors and 3D objects for various scientific branches that could be created and designed by students as scientific designers.

Ehsan Faridi
Ehsan Faridi2D & 3D Designer (CEO, CO-Founder)
MS in Analytical Chemistry


Ehsan Keshavarzi
Ehsan Keshavarzi2D & 3D Designer (COO, CO-Founder)
BD in Petroleum Engineering

Mercury 01

Abolfazl Ghaderian
Abolfazl GhaderianCO-founder & Scientific Adviser
PhD in Chemistry
Farshad Hadian
Farshad HadianMarket Analyzer
Elnaz Golestaneh
Elnaz GolestanehGraphist and 2D Designer
BD in Telecommunications Engineering

Hamid Hajian
Hamid Hajian3D Designer and Animator
BD in Financial Management


Rasoul Shakeri
Rasoul Shakeri3D and Industrial Designer
BD in Mechanical Engineering

Mobina Taghiabadi
Mobina Taghiabadi3D Designer and Animator
BD in Multimedia

Faezeh Shaban
Faezeh ShabanDigital Painter
BD in Visual Communication Design

adobe premiere logo Figma logo

Ali Eslami
Ali Eslami3D Designer
BD in Architecture

Cycle render logo 3D max logo Sketchup logo

Raheleh Ahmadi
Raheleh AhmadiScientific Analyzer
PhD in Analytical Chemistry


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