What is supplementary information?

Supplementary information, also known as supplemental material or supporting information, plays a vital role in scientific papers, especially in chemical and biological papers. Supplementary information allows authors to present important additional data that are essential to support the main article but cannot be included because of the file format or journal space limitation. Supplementary information can include experimental details, data sets, images, tables, audio files, and animations. It seems that these days, supplementary information animations are getting more popular rather than before.

What are the advantages of supplementary information?

Supplementary information animation is a valuable tool in articles to explain complex scientific concepts that are challenging to present using only text or static images. Animations simplify complex concepts by breaking them into smaller components and explaining them step-by-step. Additionally, animations can highlight key steps and emphasize essential parts.

What is the application of supplementary information animations?

Many chemical and biological phenomena involve dynamic processes that change over time. Animations can efficiently display these dynamic aspects by depicting molecular movement, structural changes, and event development. Dynamic visual representations of processes, mechanisms, and phenomena with animations can be very effective in attracting the reviewer’s attention and enhancing the acceptance chance of the paper. Moreover, animations can attract the reader’s attention and significantly increase the chances of article citations.

How to order a scientific animation?

It should be noted that creating an effective and professional animation requires skill. Our experienced and scientific team can support you in creating high-quality supplementary information animations. If you wish to order a supplementary information animation, you can request it through this link.

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