A picture is worth a thousand words. Figures may play an essential part in scientific studies. They assist in communicating complicated information in a visual and intelligible fashion. They can give crucial visuals, such as graphs, charts, diagrams, and photographs, to supplement the study findings and conclusions presented in the text. Figures are frequently used to summarise enormous quantities of data and emphasize significant trends or patterns, allowing readers to understand the main points of the research better. Scientific images may also improve a work’s overall clarity and impact, making it more accessible to a larger audience. Scientific publications must include well-designed and relevant images to portray research findings and improve overall quality effectively.

Five reasons scientific images speak louder than words

An excellent article on LinkedIn mentions five reasons why scientific images are stronger than words. These responses are included:

1. Engagement

Research articles that feature visual components, such as scientific images, have been shown to capture readers’ attention, which is a more precious commodity than ever. According to marketing experts, visual components are 30 times more likely to grab readers’ attention than plain text. In other words, articles that feature scientific figures will reach a larger audience and maintain their attention.

2. The power of visuals

Scientific figures are frequently more potent than words since they can transmit complicated information visually and intelligibly. The human brain is extremely good at processing visual information. The human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words. Therefore, scientific figures can give clear and instant insights into complicated subjects that would be difficult to describe in words alone.

3. Imagine the impact

Pictures have a solid emotional influence and may instantly elicit sentiments and memories. They may convey the core of a moment, a scene, or an emotion in ways that words cannot.

scientific images are stronger

4. Pictures are universal

Scientific images use a universal language. They can overcome cultural and language obstacles to reach a larger audience. This makes scientific images an effective communication tool within the scientific community and beyond. Scientific images represent concepts, processes, and data that people from various backgrounds may readily understand.

5. Humans are visual creatures

Humans are visual animals. While we utilize our hearing and other senses, the phrase “seeing is believing” is meaningful to us because we use our eyes to make sense of the world. Visualizing concepts might help you solve challenges that are tough to communicate in paragraph form. For example, get out a pen and paper and try to explain Brazil’s shape in paragraph form using only words. Something that can be simply illustrated with a picture. For another challenge, attempt to explain a new color employing only words.

How to order figures for review articles?

Unfortunately, most researchers lack expertise in design for creating scientific images. In this regard, working with designers can accelerate the process of effective figures for papers and scientific issues. In order to make scientific figures, you can send your request directly to Inmywork studio services.

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