Scientific conferences are lovely opportunities for scientists to contact other research teams and broaden the scope of their ideas and activities. Therefore, many different scientific conferences take place annually all over the world. Poster presentations are an essential and integral part of scientific conferences because they give a large number of researchers a unique chance to communicate their findings and connect with a broader audience. Creating an eye-catching poster effectively showing the research’s significance in a limited space and restricted time is a big challenge for the researchers. The next generation of conferences will use animation and Augmented reality (AR) in scientific poster presentations and we will discuss it in this article.

The application of Augmented reality (AR) for scientific issues

In the new generation of scientific posters, augmented reality (AR) is used instead of traditional static visuals to create effective and eye-catching posters. AR is a technology that blends computer-generated features with the actual world, improving users’ perception and engagement with their surroundings. AR often includes superimposing digital information such as photographs, movies, 3D models, or other virtual items onto the real-world view as seen through a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses. In this approach, viewers can use a mobile device or tablet to scan certain poster sections, activating AR overlays that give extra information, films, animations, or interactive simulations linked to the topic.

The advantages of animation and Augmented reality (AR) in scientific poster

The emergence of AR technology makes the poster design more interactive, exciting, and experiential with the audience. Through the creative connection between AR and the visual arts, the viewer can communicate from the perspective of hearing, vision, and feeling, which cannot be obtained in conventional 2D posters. Moreover, AR can significantly help to present complex scientific concepts and data in a visually engaging and easily understandable manner.

animation and Augmented reality (AR) in scientific poster

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Next generation of chemistry and biochemistry conference posters: Animation, augmented reality, visitor statistics, and visitors’ attention

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education Volume49, Issue4, (2021), Pages 619-624

How to order an animation and Augmented reality for scientific purposes?

Coming Soon, using animation and Augmented reality (AR) in scientific poster presentations will be more applicable compared with the past. This, for drawing more attention in a scientific conference, applying new methods and technology would be essential.  By the way, It is obvious that creating AR and animations and including them in scientific posters necessitates technological skill. Typically, scientific researchers lack this knowledge. Our skilled team can assist you in producing appealing AR and animations. In order to request these types of services, you can click here.

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