After publishing an article in a credible journal, every writer and researcher would like to see their image research on the cover of the journal. In this article, we describe how scientists can turn their research discovery into an eye-catching academic journal cover to draw attentions.

Goal of a academic journal cover art

A journal cover design’s main objective is to catch researchers’ attention. Stating or using images that can inspire audience imagination is very important. It seems that in cover art, instead of reading through the article or the publication, simply express research discovery through art. Scientific research can be viewed in a new light by designing a cover image.

The academic journal covers differ greatly in dimensions and formats. All types of journal covers were described here “Format and size of a journal cover“.

What is the feature of an eye-catching academic journal cover ?

In order to design a very beautiful and excellent journal cover, you should follow some standards.

1– The journal cover should have story telling and fantasy image.

2– Unlike the graphical abstract, text is rarely used in the cover design.

3– Most of editors may ask authors to remove extra information and graphs in cover art.

4– The cover art should have unique design, bright pops of color and contrasting images.

Challenging of making eye-catching journal cover for artists

Scientific illustrators usually face some challenges with scientists (Specifically the scientist are ordering first cover art).

Unfortunately, most of scientist and academic authors, want to show all process with details of their research in journal cover. This demands, may change cover art to some thing like graphical abstract and reduce the artistic features of journal covers.

To understand better, we provided some examples of eye-catching academic journal cover by maintaining simplicity.

graphene Carbon cover art


Volume 209, 5 June 2023

Cover art by: Inmywork Studio

Nature Machine Intelligence

Volume 4 Issue 11, November 2022

Cover art by: Inmywork Studio

ACS journal cover sample


Volume 15, Issue 7, February 22, 2023

Cover art by: Inmywork Studio

Some journals, with their own expense, will design the journal cover itself. For example, on the link below, you can see the price of the cover design of some of Wiley database journals.

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