When you submit your article or you want to submit a journal cover design, The American Chemical Society (ACS) publication and editors will ask you to fill out the ACS copyright transfer form. It seems that some students or scientific illustrators may be confused about this process.

What is the ACS copyright transfer form ?

Based on this form, the graphic designer will assign, grant, and transfer figures, tables, charts, and other visual materials to the American Chemical Society. Moreover, the grant and transfer is for all rights, present and future. Graphic designers have the authority to grant the rights outlined in ACS; that the Work is original and that the Work does not infringe any copyright, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter. In return, ACS grants back to the artist or photographer, the rights to modify the designs, prepare derivative works, or reproduce them in part in any future work of the artist or photographer, provided that appropriate credit is given to the ACS source.

How to fill out this form?

For filling out this form, you should consider different parts:

1- In the headline, you should use “Cover Photo” for journal cover design, and for the article figures, type “TOC Graphic

ACS copyright transfer form journal cover

2- In the second part, you should type the name of the ACS journal name.

ACS copyright transfer form journal name

3- In the third part, the scientific illustrator should fill in the date of filling out the form.

ACS copyright transfer form date

4- The scientific illustrator must type his/her name as a hereinafter Assignor.

ACS copyright transfer form name

5- In this form, if the scientific illustrator created all portions of the design, should select the first part. But if a team of scientific illustrators or different graphic designers created some portion of TOC or cover art, they should select the second part. Notice: all scientific illustrators must fill out ACS copyright transfer form separately and the author of the article sends all of them to the journal.

ACS copyright transfer

6- In the signature part, each artist must sign and type the date handwritten.

ACS copyright transfer form sign

7- Each artist should describe their work and all parts that were collaborated.

ACS copyright transfer form describtion

8- At the end of part of the form, for the Print Name and Address section, the artist or art company must put the name of scientific illustrators, address, emails and websites.

ACS copyright transfer form inmywork

How to make scientific images without any art and software knowledge?

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