Generally, a scientific journal cover image represents a report or research article in the issue, which is both scientifically sound and artistic in appearance. After publishing an article in a credible journal, every writer and researcher hopes to see their research in a scientific journal cover design.

The journal cover design is a crucial element in some fields, such as chemistry and biology, where it varies according to the content of each issue. The main goal of the design is to attract the interest of researchers who might find the articles relevant and useful. Moreover, the design can convey the essence and the approach of the articles in the journal, giving readers a glimpse of what they can expect inside.

Format and size of the journal cover design are very different, which can be found on the sites of the standard dimensions.

Recent Journal Cover Designs

RSC Chemical biology cover art

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Journal cover scientific illustration

Nature journal cover 2023

graphene Carbon cover art

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Journal cover ACS 2024

Scientific Illustrations ACS cover

Scientific Journal Cover Design Process