How scientific cover artwork is selected?

The artwork-choosing procedure differs for each journal, but overall, after papers are allocated to an issue, a preliminary list of cover submissions for that issue is created, and those pieces compete with each other regarding the importance of the research topic and the artwork quality. The cover should be recently released, with no more than a few weeks between the date of online publishing and when it appears in print. Thus, knowing the criteria for selecting scientific cover artwork by editors would be essential for cover competition.


The features of an ideal journal cover

An ideal cover presents an accurate, fascinating, creative research story without misleading elements. The finest and most eye-catching academic journal cover is a perfect blend of beauty and science. Covers do not give the complete story of the study, the same as the figures in the paper, but encourage the viewer to find out more about this research. The covers might be highly specific or quite abstract. To prepare a perfect cover, you must consider the following parameters..

1. Beauty:

Beauty can take various shapes, but it usually follows a formula: excellent composition (organization of parts within a particular boundary), proportion, and efficient usage of color. The composition should also consider other items on the page, such as additional text and the magazine logo. Also, color should be used to enhance the composition. It may be used to build a hierarchy, emphasize essential items, define information categories, or just for tone.

2. Simplicity:

Simplicity is one of the most critical parameters. A disorganized and overcrowded cover creates an unpleasant feeling of being overwhelmed with information. Aim to streamline and focus on the essential elements, resisting the urge to include everything. Keep in mind that scientific cover artwork is meant to attract viewers, not reveal the entire story.

3. Technical quality:

Resolution and clarity are critical and must be considered from the initial stages of developing visuals.

4. Novelty:

Creating a brand-new cover that has never been seen before can make it memorable with appealing storytelling.

Storytelling scientific cover artwork journal

Simplicity and great storytelling would be so helpful for designers to create more attractive cover artwork


The common mistakes to avoid

1) Creating a crowded and messed cover without any thought for composition

2) Creating a cover with low resolution at full-size

3) Creating a too childish cover

4) Creating a cover that includes many clichés, such as question marks or puzzle pieces

5) Ignoring copyright law, such as depicting a movie character

6) Using a created image by Generative AI


How to order a scientific cover artwork?

Unfortunately, most researchers lack expertise in visual media. In this regard, collaborating scientists and graphic design experts can be influential in creating a well-designed and suitable artwork.

In order to request a journal cover art, you can send your primary idea or draft with the abstract of your article to the Inmywork website. The Inmywork studio has expert designers in the scientific field and your journal cover will be designed professionally.


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