Every writer and researcher would like to see his scientific researches in the scientific journal cover after accepting his article in a credible journal. Many scientific journals always have a steady plot that is not changed for many years. However, most of the journal covers in some fields such as chemistry, biology and some medical journals depending on the content are changed in each issue. In this article, we describe what is the standard of format and size of a journal cover .

Goal of a scientific journal cover design

The main purpose of the journal cover design is to attract researchers’ attention. Additionally, it can show a view of the process or concept of the articles in the journal to the readers. Stating or using images that can inspire audience imagination is very important. Unlike the graphical abstract, text is rarely used in the cover design.

In addition to design of scientific content, the authors sometimes ask from the journal designers to present the cultural aspects of their country in the article. For example, a Chinese writer might display the cover design of a journal in accordance with the culture or art of that country. However, the use of the country’s culture in design is prohibited in some journals.

Items such as the use of a logo, commercial advertisement, the use of currency, the image of people who are living or died are prohibited in many journals.

The size of a journal cover

Dimensions of the journal cover design are very different, which can be found on the sites of the standard dimensions. For example, for ACS journals, the design dimensions are 25.4 cm height and 20.8 cm width. However, you can see the standard dimensions of the cover design of ACS journals from this link. Also, take a look at the link below to view the dimensions of the journals under the Wiley databases.

In some journals, the designed image takes the whole page, and the name and information of the journal are placed on the image (like Accounts of Chemical Research). In some other journals in the upper part of the cover, an empty space is considered for the title of the journal, and the lower part is dedicated for the cover image (such as ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering). In some other journals, the image is placed in a smaller box at the center of the journal cover. (like ChemBioChem). In some others, image is placed in an specific template. For example, images in the Angewandte Chemie Journal are circular and place on the center of the cover.

Scientific journal cover format

The format of a journal cover

The format of journal cover can be submitted in PDF, EPS, PSD, PNG, JPEG, and TIFF. Some journals prefer to receive formats that are open-ended and editable by the designer and editor of the journal cover.

You must send the files in a CMYK format with a resolution of 300dpi because most journals have printed edition.

The implement of a journal cover

In order to design a very beautiful and excellent journal cover, several software such as 3D software, pixel software, and vector software are typically used simultaneously. Some journals, with their own expense, will design the journal cover itself. For example, on the link below, you can see the price of the cover design of some of Wiley database journals.

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