The resume acts as a bridge between you and your future professor, so you should not underestimate its importance. For the first impression, it is important that your resume be seen among other resumes, which in addition to the content of the text depends on the design of the academic resume design. It depends on you how the professor remembers you. Since professors do not have the time to interview all the candidates, they need a resume to choose the best one to work with.

Professors reject the resumes so much to reach the desired resume. This is when a resume is clean, precise and well structured so it can show itself. You may ask yourself why it is so important to have the resume. Let’s take a look at its reasons:

The professors see your resume before visiting you

The resume does this before you enter the professor’s office. Generally, when the university asks you for a resume, they will first take a look at what you have done, and select it if it meets their needs. So a resume that attracts the attention will do half the job for you.


Resume speaks about you

A professional resume tells something about you and shows how much you care about the details. Just imagine that a small piece of paper tells so many details about you. But keep in mind that these stories of the past, present and future must be told quickly, otherwise they will lose the audience’s attention. So it’s a little dangerous to say. Therefore, you will need professional help to write these.


A resume shows your skills

Through a well-written resume, you can show the skills you have achieved over the years. In this way, you can let the professor knows the skills that you know through doing different jobs, and that’s exactly what professors need to know.


Significant points for academic resume design

In the previous part, you have known the importance of having a strong resume to obtain an academic position for the future. In the meantime, the design and fit of the resume are paramount importance in distinguishing it from other resumes. Let’s start with some examples of important points in the academic resume design and graphical elements use in the resume:

1- Color selection: Color selection is the first step in designing a strong resume. Try to choose colors that show your self-confidence and dominance to obtain that position. One of the colors always used in these situations is blue! Blue indicates your self-confidence and, socializing with others. The following image shows examples of suitable colors for resume design.

academic resume design color

2- Photo show: setting your photo in the resume depends on the country of university. To submit the resume to universities in the US, Canada, and the UK, it is emphasized that no image of the applicant be arranged in the resume. In other cases, if you want to put a photo in your resume, it is suggested that you prepare a personal photo with an appropriate clothe and arrange in the resume.

3- Career and academic background show: Time-Line is one of the best ways to express your career and academic background in the resume. So that we show the career background or received degrees in each year or month separately by graphical elements. For example, take a look at these two resumes:

academic resume design photo

As you see at the two sections, experience and education, in the above resumes, by the use of the graphical design technics, the activities of each year are presented separately which make it easier for the reader to read the resume and increase the chance of your resume for being in priority.


4- Using diagrams and graphs to illustrate individual abilities: Using diagrams and graphs to express your skill in any field (for example, computer software, favorites, or more) can add visual attraction to your resume. The SKILLS part in the following resumes are examples of these kinds of designs in the resume:

academic resume design skill

The mentioned points are just a part of using graphical tools to make your resume more beautiful and professional. If you would like to have a professional resume that will increase your chances of succeeding to achieve a position in your future education, our team can help you. Submit your request for the academic resume design at the Contact Us section of