The use of faces of scientists in scientific illustration has long been used to produce their biography. Recently, however, the face design of scientists or scientific field activists has been very much considered in scientific and pharmaceutical propaganda, training, the publication of papers, and conferences.


Different types of face design in scientific illustration

The designs done for a face in the scientific fields depend on which field is intended to be used. Designs are usually in the form of a vector and can be either a minimal state or like a combination portrait of color and shadow.
Typically, it is preferred that the images of scientists have a bit of a cartoon feature to make the scientific topics more interesting, although, in some situations, such as biography, images are better to be more serious.


Using the face design of scientists in the journal cover and graphical abstract

The question that might be posed is why a scientist or university professor wants to put his or her image in the cover image of a scientific journal or graphical abstract! In fact, this is a clever action, and the professors who want to become a known person or a brand of a scientific activity in a particular scientific field, it is better to introduce their own face to other scientists in this way. Scientific people, along with the study of the article, by seeing the images of the researcher, unconsciously capture it in their minds, which will be remarkable at the time of scientific conferences.

Face Design of Scientists Graphical Abstract

The use of the face of Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Najafpour in the design of the graphical abstract for the Nanoscale Advances (link) and ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (link)

Face design of scientists and using them at a seminar and conference can be very attractive. Suppose that you as a researcher want to speak at a scientific conference, if in the first slide, your face is cleverly merged with the collection of scientific researches images, in the minds of all audiences a good sense can be created which can attract their attention to the subject. It’s even possible to show your character in the form of motion pictures or motion graphics in the next slides in relation to the scientific subject. These will make your face and your scientific subject stay alive for the long term after the lecture ends.

It may also be a great gift for the professor, a work of art from his/her image, along with his favorite scientific fields.
If you need a face design in the scientific fields, you can request in the graphical abstract design section or the cover design of the scientific journal. Also, for other items, you can send your orders via our contact page.