Depending on the subject matter of some journals, like chemistry, biology, or some medical journals, their covers change each time and the Nature journal is one of these scientific journals and it shows the best research of one of the scientist groups every month. It would be a dream come true for every scientist and researcher to see their research on the cover of Nature Journal after they publish their article in this credible journal. Here, we describe what is the standard size of Nature Journal cover artwork and its guidelines and samples.

Different types of scientific journal cover

The dimensions of the journal cover design differ greatly, which can be seen on their websites. In some journals, the designed image occupies the whole page, and the name and information of the journal are presented on the image. In others, an empty space is devoted to the title of the journal, and the lower part is devoted to the name and information of the journal. Thus, the designers should ensure important parts of the cover and details are not obscured by the title and text. Most Nature journals and Nature-branded are the former type and they have a single coverline that can go anywhere.

For more information about the formats of the scientific journal cover, you can read the independent blog post (Click here).

Size of Nature Journal Cover Artwork Guidelines

The size of the Nature Journal cover

a) If you want to attend in Nature cover image competition (Nature journal or all Nature-branded family), all images must be high resolution ( 300 dpi, 28.5 cm height, and 21.5cm width ) and 3mm bleed on the top, bottom, right and left.

b) Your image should be relevant to the subject area of the journal you are submitting to.

c) The format of the journal cover can be submitted in PSD, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG formats.

d) You must send the files in a CMYK format because most Nature journals have printed editions.

e) Your cover art DO NOT include the logos themselves.

Nature journal cover template

The standard cover template of Nature journal

Types of cover artwork for Nature Journal and Nature-branded family

  • Photography
  • 2D Illustration
  • 3D Illustration
  • Computer modeling (cover artworks created by Generative AI are not permitted)
  • Artist conception and painting

How to implement a journal cover?

In order to design an excellent and beautiful journal cover, various software such as 3D software, pixel-based software, and vector-based software is typically used simultaneously. offers professional scientific journal cover design as one of its services. Your journal cover’s format and size are taken into consideration when you order. Through this link, you can order the journal cover design you desire.

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